Benefits of Becoming a Pilot

Benefits of Becoming a Pilot

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Are you thinking of becoming an airline pilot? Maybe you have found yourself wondering what it would feel like to soar above the clouds and enjoy the thrill of flying. Are these things worth becoming a pilot? The short answer, yes. However, is becoming a pilot a good career option? The answer, also yes. Becoming a pilot is one of the most exciting jobs in the world. Furthermore, here are some of the pros and cons of becoming a pilot, the benefits you can have as a pilot, and whether or not a pilot gets paid well. Let’s go ahead and learn about all of the benefits of becoming an airline pilot.


When it comes to becoming a pilot, financial benefits are included. Becoming a pilot is a rewarding career in both financial terms as well as job satisfaction. Since pilots must undergo intense training in order to receive their license, they are paid very well. The average salary of a commercial pilot is roughly between $86,080 to a rewarding $147,200 per year. As previously mentioned, there are also plenty of growth opportunities in the career of a pilot; meaning there are plenty of chances for an even higher salary. For example, a first officer can make up to $93,000 to start. As they grow in their field and become a captain, they can make up to $300,000 per year while senior captains can also make up to $400,000 per year in their career.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Pilot

With advantages come disadvantages, however, if we’re talking about piloting an aircraft, there are plenty more pros that heavily outweigh the cons. What are they?


  • Pilots receive a generous set of benefits, including medical, health, life insurance, and a healthy retirement plan.
  • Pilots get to travel, and who doesn’t love to travel?
  • Traveling to a large variety of different countries allows pilots to get to know different
    cultures as well as experience different cities and meet new people from all around the
  • With that being said, the job will never be boring. With new places to visit and explore
    everyday, work-life will always be exciting as a pilot.
  • Being a pilot allows you to sleep in some of the world’s finest hotels
  • Pilots get food and drinks for free, say no more!
  • Pilots are able to get travel discounts for family and friends. Therefore, when it’s time to take that vacation with your family it will be all cheaper. There are often times when
    pilots get travel tickets for free.
  • Work stays at work meaning you’ll never bring the office home with you.
  • As previously mentioned, there are plenty of growth opportunities in the workplace for


  • Since pilots get to travel often, that also means being away from friends and family for longer periods
  • You may have to work a night shift here and there
  • Pilot schedules are constantly changing, but again, that simply means the workplace is never boring.
  • Pilots often have to work during the holidays, because as we know, many people love to travel during Christmas and summertime.
  • With all of this being said, keep in mind that there are plenty more pros to outweigh the cons of becoming a pilot. Generally, if you’re thinking of becoming a pilot that means you have a passion for flying and nothing will compare to the feeling of soaring over the clouds and doing what you love to do for work. On top of all of this, how can you beat that view from up there?