Brevard County Florida – The Perfect Place to Enjoy during Flight School

Brevard County Florida – The Perfect Place to Enjoy during Flight School

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Brevard County, Florida, better known as the Space Coast, is home to the Airlink Flight School, but also so much more. With 72 miles of pristine beaches, Cape Canaveral, Port Canaveral, and nearly perfect weather year-round, Brevard County is the perfect place to enjoy during your enrollment in flight school. Let’s explore some of the top attractions the region has to offer!

Cocoa Beach and The Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach is world renowned as one of the country’s most charming beach towns, with its beautiful white beaches and shimmering blue ocean waters. From entertainment to water sports, fishing to surfing, kayaking to air boat rides, shopping to dining and nightlife, Cocoa Beach has something for everyone to enjoy. Off the coast of Cocoa Beach, you can also enjoy some of the best deep-sea fishing anywhere. The world-famous Cocoa Beach Pier boasts a great place for unexpected fun and relaxation with shopping, dining, and fishing.

Canaveral National Seashore

The Canaveral National Seashore, unlike Cocoa Beach, offers undeveloped pristine beaches and peaceful seclusion for you to enjoy. Spanning 25 miles, New Smyrna Beach to Titusville, you’ll find dunes and surf perfect for sunning, swimming, shelling, and surfing. Within the expansive acreage, you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, and more amid lagoons, trails, dunes, and marshes where you’ll spot thousands of native plants as well as local residents like aquatic birds, reptiles, and maybe even catch a glimpse of the elusive manatee.

The Brevard Zoo

There is much to do at the Brevard Zoo, from zip-lining to river kayaking, bird feeding to animal interactions, and more. Like most zoos, the Brevard Zoo offers entertainment for all ages, including thrilling animal encounters and paddle boating. Among the highlights at the Brevard Zoo are the excitement of ziplining through the treetops; handfeeding giraffes, lorikeets, and cockatiels; kayaking among the lemurs, giraffes, and rhinos; and paddle boating the wetlands where birds, turtles, and other wetland animals congregate. If that isn’t enough you can meet lemurs on their island or rainforest inhabitants in the jungle, scale a Florida pine and rappel down, or try your hand at the Treetop Aerial Obstacle Course.

Jetty Park

Jetty Park, near Port Canaveral, features lots of space to walk, bike, or fish. With a long handicap-accessible pier, you can saltwater fish or simply enjoy the view. The white sandy beaches invite you to sun, swim, or shell as dolphins play in view of cruise ships and cargo vessels. Jetty Park also boasts playgrounds, pavilions and BBQ grills, as well as camping, bike paths, and walking trails. 

The Kennedy Space Center

You can always feel the excitement of space travel with a visit to the NASA Kennedy Space Center where you’ll find the launch pad used by SPACEX and more. Learn and enjoy among the tributes to the history of space travel, as you explore the massive rockets, touch a moon rock, experience a shuttle launch, and meet the astronauts. You can also visit the hall of heroes and explore historic launch sites as well as working launch pads and spaceflight facilities. Of course, nothing beats a seeing a rocket launch up close and personal!

Airlink Flight School – The Perfect Location

As you can easily see, Brevard County, Florida is the perfect location to enjoy while attending flight school at Airlink. At Airlink Flight School, you will glean knowledge from our flight training professionals as you work toward your private or commercial pilot’s license. With Airlink Flight School, you get the advantage of year-round training with experienced instructors, and exception opportunities when your training is complete. Call today to get started!