Choosing the Right Flight School

Choosing the Right Flight School

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If you have decided Flight School is the next step in your career, you are likely overwhelmed by all the options out there. Flight schools abound, but how do you choose the right one? It is a big decision, one that is vital to your future career success. Even if you’ve been researching prospective flight schools, it is hard to get the answers you need to make the right choice. Let’s explore five crucial issues to consider in choosing the right flight school for you and your future as a professional pilot.

Does the Location Matter?

The answer is yes, of course, where you chose to learn is important. Location not only effects housing, work, and other costs, but also how much flight time you can log effectively in a given amount of time. Studying abroad is an option with some perks like living in a different culture, but it also comes with Visa requirements and a license conversion depending on where you land a position. Generally, it is good to learn where there are different weather conditions as well as varied terrain, which will give you greater experiences for the future. While during the early part of your training, a quiet airport and uncontrolled airspace is welcome, but as you progress, you’ll want access to a busier, controlled environment which allows you to train in heavier traffic with air traffic control. Remember, the more diverse experiences the better as you begin your new career as a commercial pilot.

Do Your Want Integrated or Modular Training?

While they may be known by varying names, training is generally integrated or modular. Integrated training is the total package – structured with a regimented schedule – from which you emerge with flight training, licenses, and a degree or diploma from the program. Modular training features a schedule which fits your lifestyle and career trajectory. For example, you may need to continue your day job to pay for flight school, so you schedule training after work or on weekends. Ultimately, the one which works best for you is best.

Counting the Costs

Flight training is not cheap, and there aren’t really scholarships available for flight school. As expensive as flight school is, there are ways to pay for it. First of all, an integrated program is often more costly than modular training, and in most cases requires you to pay upfront for a semester or year. An integrated program features the degree courses alongside your flight training and ground school.

A modular program features ground school and flight training only, making it less expensive. Modular training is often pay-as-you-go, in other words, you’ll pay for ground school, and later when you have lessons, you pay for each lesson as you complete it. This approach allows you to pay your way though. When considering flight schools, compare cost making sure your get the full picture based on average flight training and instruction, not minimum flight hours required. It never hurts to ask if the school has any aviation jobs available to you as a student, not only will you log your first aviation-related position, but also meet other in the industry, and help pay for your training.

If your goal is to become a commercial pilot, you’ll need a school which delivers all the needed training – so look for a flight school which offers PPL, CPL, multi-engine ratings, night rating, instrument rating, and even seaplane rating if you so desire). The ultimate goal is to optimize your costs and ensure you get the training, ratings, and qualifications you need to achieve your career goals successfully. 

Safety and Reputation Matter

The flight school you choose should be highly rated for safety as well as reputation. When you visit the schools you are considering, you can get a good idea of their operating procedures. While there, you’ll want to ask questions regarding the school’s safety record (aircraft maintenance, defect reporting, accident reports, incident reports) because you want to train at a school where safety is a high priority. Determining reputation may be more difficult, but you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for references from the school’s alumni, particularly those who are currently professional pilots. 

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