Florida Flight Training : A Worthy Investment?

Florida Flight Training : A Worthy Investment?

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While becoming a pilot might be a dream you have had since you were young, when the time comes to pick a flight school, you may have some second thoughts about investing in it as a career. The reality is that becoming a pilot and earning your certifications is a costly and time-consuming endeavor, making it a considerable investment that you might not be so sure of yet. 

And that is okay: it is only natural to think carefully about the benefits or reasons to invest in something important. But if you are having trouble deciding whether flight training is a worthwhile investment for you, here are several reasons that make aviation a fun and gratifying career for many people that choose to go through with it! 

The Opportunity to Travel 

One of the best perks of becoming a pilot is the opportunity to travel. If you work as an airline pilot, you will have endless opportunities to travel across the world. In many cases, you could even get a night or two to stay in a foreign country, giving you ample opportunity to explore and experience cultures that you might otherwise have never had a chance to. With so many different routes, many pilots take off in one country and land in another, making it a career and experience unlike any other. If you love traveling and seeing the world, pursuing aviation should be a no-brainer for you! 

Career Satisfaction 

Something just about everyone craves is finding a career that offers long-term satisfaction. With aviation, you’ve found it! The opportunity to be above the clouds is a thrill that will never get old, and the chance to experience different places or fly different routes means that there is always something new to see. If you decide to invest in flight training, you will be setting yourself on a path to one of the most satisfying career fields you can have. 

Good Salaries and Benefits 

On the financial side of things, if you find the high costs of flight training daunting, the good news is that an aviation career—especially if you work as an airline or commercial pilot—offers good salaries and benefits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for pilots is expected to grow by 5 percent through 2029, which is above average among all occupations. 

Additionally, the median annual salary for airline pilots and commercial pilots is quite good, ranging from $99,000 to $202,180. These numbers will ultimately vary between jobs, airlines, and the type of pilot you become, but the good news is that being a pilot is overall a great choice for its employability and earnings. 

Travel Discounts 

If you manage to get a job as an airline pilot, another perk you will find is access to discounted and sometimes even free plane tickets for family and friends. This is great for when you decide to go on family vacations or if you want to help a friend out the next time they decide to take a trip somewhere. While this may not be high on your list of benefits of being an airline pilot, it is one you are sure to appreciate in time. 

Work Hours 

If you value flexibility in your career, the good news is that being a pilot is not your typical 9-5, Monday to Friday job. As a pilot, you will have more flexible working hours (though it can also mean working at odd hours, so be mindful of that). Furthermore, you get to leave work on the plane once you leave the aircraft.

Find the Right School For You 

At Airlink Flight School, you will have access to high-quality flight training that incorporates training in the air and on the ground from seasoned and expert instructors. If you want to start your career in aviation on the right foot, contact Airlink Flight School today to sign up for lessons!