Fly Confidently with Airlink Flight School

Fly Confidently with Airlink Flight School

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The first step in learning to fly confidently and earning your pilot’s rating or certificate is enrolling at Airlink Flight School. With locations in Florida and Maine, you’ll find exceptional training opportunities at both locations. The initial state of your training begins with enrollment in what is known as Part 61 – The Private Pilot Program at Airlink Flight School.

To clarify, Part 61 is the private pilot program and Part 141, the commercial pilot program, and both meet the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARS) who control all aviation activities in the United States. Part 61 and Part 141 detail the regulations and requirements you need to fly confidently and earn your pilot’s rating/certificate and include all the training required to ensure your eligibility in completing your successful check ride.

Comparing Part 61 and Part 141

Whether you want to be a private pilot or a commercial pilot, Part 61 is the starting point. Part 61 provides all the guidelines for pilot certification, ground instructors, and flight instructors. It also includes prerequisites for instituting eligibility, aeronautical learning, and flight time minimums required for pilot licensure. Part 141 takes it a step further, regulating certification of flight schools and requisites for certification of pilots.

Part 61 – The Private Pilot Program at Airlink Flight School – provides you with a flexible timeline for earning your private pilot’s license. The pilot program is personalized with added flexibility compared to the required timetable, structure, and curriculum required for Part 141 – The Commercial Program at Airlink.

As part of the Part 61 program at Airlink, you get the flexibility to fine-tune the program in order to meet your personal needs and your budget and accomplish your goal of being a pilot. Because the program is flexible and customized for each student, the timeline for completing the program and getting your pilot’s license depends on your accessibility and personal progress. When you reach the point that your flight instructor feels you are well-prepared, you will complete your practical test, known as the check ride. Forty hours is the minimum needed for a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) compared to 250 hours minimum for a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL).

Selecting Airlink as Your Flight School

Choosing a flight school can be challenging, but when comparing flight schools via these areas, you will likely find Airlink Flight School rises to the top of your list!

When making your selection, you will want to choose a flight school with instructors who have the experience and credentials required and whose history is available to you. Aircraft is another area to consider as the flight school you select should have a variety of aircrafts – different types and ages, so you can learn crucial information during your training. The school’s reputation should be stellar, a fact which you can learn though recommendations and online reviews. For most people, cost is also an important factor, so ask about package deals, and look for additional fees and add on costs. Finally, location is also crucial, so visit the schools you are considering. Airlink Flight School has two locations from which to choose, one on Florida’s Space Coast where you can enjoy great flying weather year-round.

Learn to Fly Confidently with Airlink

Are you ready to begin learning to fly confidently today with Airlink Flight School’s Part 61 – Private Pilot program? Call now and take the first step. Your training at Airlink will include both ground and flight lessons and all the needed training to help you successfully pass the FAA exam and make your final preparations for your check ride practical test with our designated FAA examiner.