Get a Taste of Flight in the Redbird FMX

Get a Taste of Flight in the Redbird FMX

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If you are looking for a bit of adventure, are considering flight school, or are already enrolled, Airlink Flight School would like to introduce the Redbird FMX flight simulator experience. For a small fee, you can get a taste of flight aboard the state-of-the-art simulator configured for a Cessna 172 SP Steam and G1000, Piper Archer PA28, and a Dutchess Twin BE76. Designed with a three-axis electric motion platform you will experience the unmatched feedback in roll (40 percent roll movement), pitch (50 percent pitch movement), and yaw (60 percent yaw movement). The simulator promises to immerse the user in 200 degrees of visuals, with a genuine cockpit view, while remaining on the ground. The Redbird FMX is FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved and delivers a realistic experience affordably.

Welcome to the Redbird FMX Experience

The Redbird FMX simulator is the first of its kind created to face the challenge of today’s flight training instructors. The Redbird FMX promises unparalleled training with exceptional value for pilots in training while offering advantages for instructors not available in similar training simulators. Featuring an electric motion platform coupled with a wrap-around visual experience, the Redbird FMX brings invaluable realism at an affordable price. Because of the realistic training it provides the Redbird FMX has been approved by not only the FAA, but also the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and 20 other aviation authorities. The simulation-centric training delivers value in loggable hours, which means those in training get credit for all the work they do toward their certification. Plus, for flight schools, the compact size, with no specialized electrical requirements, means the FMX simulator fits easily into an existing classroom or hangar.

The History Behind Redbird

Redbird was founded by professional pilots who had a desire to make learning to fly more affordable and accessible. With the help of IT and engineering professionals, utilizing modern technology, Redbird developed Redbird FMX flight simulator as the first step in the mission to “revolutionize” aviation knowing the life changing effects aviation can provide. The company, founded in 2006,  faced challenges from the start, but remained undeterred in their efforts to make it easier for people to become pilots. The Redbird flight simulation system delivers value for pilots-in-training, as well as the flight schools training them. The Redbird FMX is the first of the company’s now expanded product line which boast more than 3,000 aviation training systems in more than 50 countries around the world.

The Important of Motion

During the development of the Redbird FMX flight simulator, in the Skyport flight training laboratory, Redbird revealed the importance of motion in training pilots successfully. The fact is pilots who learn their flight skills in a simulator with realistic motion feedback more easily make the transition to real aircraft. Why? They have trained in an environment that helps them know what it feels like to fly. It’s that simple. The Redbird FMX delivers with a one-of-a-kind three axis, electric motion platform the motion feedback needed for roll, pitch, and yaw. On top of that, immersive two hundred-degree visual displays including simulating VFRs (visual flight rules) allow students to experience views from the cockpit of actual areas they will pass over in flight.  Plus, the Redbird FMX is designed to quickly configure to a variety of aircraft (30 plus) in minutes.

Get a Taste of Flight at Airlink Flight School

Are you ready to test your wings? At AirLink Flight School you can get a taste of flight as you experience the Redbird FMX flight simulator. Call today and take the first step toward flying – for yourself or for your new career!