How to Become a Pilot This Season

How to Become a Pilot This Season

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The dream of becoming a pilot is never far fetched when you have the right guide and a reputable flight school. Knowing how intricate it can be to succeed on this route, a helping hand is resourceful. That said, here are steps on how to become a pilot this season:

The Time it Takes to Be One

How long it will take you to become a pilot depends on your pilot goals. For example, if you want to be a private pilot and stick there, then a month of training can be enough. However, if you are targeting the commercial flight job, then you will spend at least 2 years in training. And this can only be achieved if you are learning full time. However, if you are taking part-time training, then it will take you more than two years to graduate.

Decide on a Flight School

First, sample a few flight schools, and then visit them one by one. Talk to the chief instructor for more insight on the school offers. You can also join aviation forums where you can get good recommendations. But before you decide on the school you will attend, choose between Part 61and 141.
These are regulations that determine which flight instruction you will use to complete your training. With Part61, any school will do, however, 141 is only restricted to FAA-approved schools.

Go for a Discovery Flight

This will be your first encounter with the aircraft. The instructor will take you for a short ride to test your craft handling abilities. The instructor may even leave the control of the plane on your hands momentarily to give you flight experience.

Qualification to Become a Pilot

The ultimate goal of enrolling in a private training program is getting the Private Pilot Certificate. But even so, there are specific requirements you must achieve first. Such requirements include things like:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Student Pilot Certificate (FAA)
  • Certificate for Private Pilot Test
  • Private Pilot Practical Exam

But before you get to the above requirements, you must first fulfill the basic requirement. And this includes being over 17 years old, able to understand English whether it’s speaking, writing, or reading. And depending on the pilot certificate you are targeting, you need at least 20 hours of flight time.

Categories of Pilot Certificate

Depending on your final goal as a pilot, here are three ratings you can consider pursuing:

Commercial Pilot Certificate

If your dream is flying commercial flights, here is a pilot certificate you need to obtain. But before you get it, you will need to attain 250 hours of flight time plus a second-class medical examination.

Private Pilot Certificate

This certificate allows you to deal with small planes while having several passengers with you. the minimum flight time to attain is 40hours. Furthermore, all your flights will be under VFR (visual flight rules) that restrict you from flying through the clouds.

Sport Pilot Certificate

This is the least pilot certificate that requires at least 20hours of flight time. You can have one passenger, and all the planes must be small two-seater and sport planes. Further, this certificate restricts you to short fun flights.

Getting Started

The journey to becoming a pilot can be overwhelming especially if you picture all the steps you have to accomplish. But on the rewarding side, it’s worth every sweat and pain. However, that’s not always the case. Becoming a pilot can be a sweet and exciting venture when you are enrolled in a reliable flight school.

While choosing one is not that easy, finding the best one can guarantee your success in this field. For that reason, you need a reliable aviation institution like Airlink Flight School. Having a state of art simulations and best-in-class instructors and actual airplanes, your dream is bound to come true.