Take the First Step – Part 61 The Private Pilot Program

Take the First Step – Part 61 The Private Pilot Program

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When you are ready to take the initial step toward earning your pilot’s certificate or rating, then Part 61 – The Private Pilot Program at Airlink Flight School is the place to begin. To familiarize you with the terms, Part 61 and Part 141 are part of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), the regulators of all U.S. aviation activity. Each section describes the requirements and regulations needed for you to get your pilot’s certificate or rating, including the details of training needed to provide you with the eligibility to complete your check ride successfully. At Airlink Flight School, you will find we have both authorizations available in each of our locations – in Maine and in Florida.

Part 61 versus Part 141

Part 61 includes regulations regarding pilot certification, as well as those of flight and ground instructors. While establishing eligibility, Part 61 includes requirements for aeronautical knowledge and minimum flight time for pilot licenses. Part 141 goes on to regulate certificates of pilot schools, as well as requirements for pilot certification for flight schools. 

In general Part 61 – The Private Pilot Program at Airlink Flight School offers a more flexible timetable for obtaining your pilot’s license. Given the flexibility, the training program is customized, versus the more structured timetable and curriculum of Part 141 – The Commercial Program at Airlink. When you are enrolled as a student in the Part 61 program, you gain the flexibility to adjust the program to fit your needs, meet your budget requirements, and achieve your goals.

Given the flexibility of the program, the time frame on earning your pilot’s license is dependent on your availability as well as your progress. Your check ride (practical test) will come at the point your flight instructor deems you ready and well-prepared. For Part 61 training you will need a minimum of 40 hours for your Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and a minimum of 250 hours for your Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL).

In terms of cost, because of lower flight time requirements, Part 61 training can be more costly than Part 141 training which follows a more rigorous schedule. Plus, for those eligible, Part 141 flight school costs may be covered by the GI Bill. Even so, Part 61 allows you to train on a flexible schedule at your own pace in a customized program.

Choosing Your Flight School

When choosing a flight school, like Airlink Flight School, take the time as you make you decision by evaluating these areas:

  • Instructors – Each instructor’s experience, credentials, and history should be available.
  • Aircraft – The schools aircrafts including types, age, and state of repair are crucial.
  • Location – Choosing a school where good weather is prevalent year-round, like Florida’s Space Coast, is best.
  • Reputation – Ask others for recommendations, check online reviews, and by all means, visit the facilities of the schools you are considering.
  • Cost – While cost shouldn’t be the single most important deciding factor in your selection, it is important. Ask about packages, hidden fees, and unexpected costs.

At Airlink Flight School we have two locations to serve you, our original location in Maine, as well as our second location in Florida, which means year-round training and a well-rounded experience. Florida promises the most flyable days in the country as well as a vibrant community for students to enjoy. Airlink’s experienced instructors mean you get the best aviation education and their connections deliver a number of aviation opportunities when you complete your training. Plus, Airlink welcomes transfer students at both their locations.

Start your training today with Airlink Flight School’s Part 61 program. Your training will include flight and ground lessons, all the needed training materials for your successful passing of the FAA knowledge exam and your final preparation for your check ride with our FAA designated examiner. Call today.