The Advantages of Becoming a Flight Instructor

The Advantages of Becoming a Flight Instructor

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As someone who loves flying, you should be consider becoming a flight instructor. The position comes with a number of advantages, beginning with being a well-respected expert in your field. Plus, you will get paid to enjoy your passion – flying. You will gain not only limitless opportunities, but as your expertise grows, so will your compensation. If that weren’t enough, there are a plethora of advantages which come your way when you become a flight instructor.

The Benefits of Being a Flight Instructor

As a flight instructor you will continue to learn and expand your skill set as you help students reach their goals. By teaching students, you will hone your own abilities as a pilot and even have the opportunity to enhance areas in which you feel you need to improve. Plus, you will stay on top of the latest developments in the world of flying. Flight instructors also find their soft skills – work ethic, cooperative behavior, social capacity, and problem solving skills – are enhance as you build relationships and collaborate with students from a variety of backgrounds. In addition, as you augment your own skills, you also heighten your teamwork capability, which ensures not only the safety of your students and colleagues, but also everyone’s success.

When you become a flight instructor, you also gain the advantage of earning flight hours in record time. If your objective is becoming a commercial pilot, you’ll get to the required 1,500 hours much more quickly than you would otherwise. Not only are you helping others achieve their dream, but you can also reach your own – becoming an airline pilot – with relative ease.

If becoming a commercial pilot isn’t your final objective, a career as a knowledgeable and respected flight instructor is an excellent one! On top of that teaching others the skills they need to accomplish their goals is a rewarding prospect. As students begin to understand the often demanding world of flying, you can be proud of your efforts in sharing your knowledge, mentoring them in areas of struggle, and motivating them to overcome the challenges.

For flight instructors, the promise of work/life balance can be a big draw. You get to fly and you also have a regular schedule which allows you to be home with your family once your workday is complete. As a flight instructor, you won’t experience long periods away from family and friends. Additionally, flight instructors have a schedule that is anything but routine. Every day is different, every student unique, every flight special. You get to explore a variety of teaching methodologies, train students in a range of concepts, and meet exciting new challenges daily.

Because the need for pilots continues to grow, so does the need for flight instructors. For those who have chosen to be flight instructors, this means lots of opportunities for you! From becoming an entrepreneur and being your own boss to being part of the instructor team at a flight school, you will find your skills are in high demand.

As a flight instructor, you will meet many new people including students, other instructors, and pilots. Flight schools bring those who love to fly together from around the globe, allowing you to meet those from other cultures and backgrounds, and so enhancing your professional and personal growth. This, along with your unique skills as a flight instructor will augment your resume, showcasing your knowledge, skill level, teamwork, and collaborative skills. Should you choose a new career path in the future, such as joining the airlines, you will find your background in teaching to make you more valuable and likely move you to the front of the line, so to speak.

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