The Benefits of Being an Airline Pilot

The Benefits of Being an Airline Pilot

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The dream of flying has been on the mind of mankind since humans first witnessed birds in flight, enjoying the freedom to explore the world without limitations. For some the dream of flying is simply the urge to travel the world, while for others it manifest in the goal to be a pilot, which, in turn, takes the mission one step further into a career as an airline pilot. With the dream of flying and the vision of becoming an airline pilot in mind, the team at Airlink Flight School shares these benefits that pilots can enjoy.

Traveling with a View

Traveling around the world, to places many have never been, is an obvious perk for airline pilots. Professional pilots have the opportunity to explore the world, from booming metropolises to exotic tropical locales. With downtime between flights, pilots can discover new places and different cultures with the bonus of having no two workdays ever look the same.

In addition to the travel incentive, pilots literally have a bird’s eye view of the world that can’t be beat as they travel the globe. With an “office” in the sky, pilots are privy to a “sea’ of vast blue sky, picturesque clouds of every shape and size, and an up close look at the majesty of thunderstorms on the horizon.

On top of all that, pilots can deliver discounts for family and friends on airfare, which means additional adventures with family and friends in tow. Plus, many pilots get discounts on hotels as well, providing lots of vacation fun to share with loved ones!

A Flexible Work Schedule with Job Security

As mentioned, pilots have time between flights to explore the areas they fly to, but in addition, pilots only work, on average two to three weeks per month, meaning the rest of the month is free time to enjoy. Many pilots use the time to reconnect with family and friends, enjoy a vacation, or simply to relax and rejuvenate. With the flexible schedule, the options for enjoyable free time are limitless.

Being a pilot also means there is never any work to bring home, outside of studying for annual tests. Airline pilots close the cock pit door and leave work behind when the flight is complete. Work never leaves “the office” to go home, meaning lots of time to enjoy and explore and spend times with loved ones.
Finally, airline pilots are in demand which means job security. With the need for pilots on the rise, demand outweighs supply and will likely continue to do so well into the future. Given the high demand for well-qualified pilots, the aviation industry offers growth opportunities airline and commercial pilots with exceptional salary and health benefits which are on the rise as well.

Lifelong Learning Doing What You Love

Airline pilots get to do what they love – fulfilling their passion to fly. With an embedded love for soaring high, pilots understand perfectly the famous saying, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life!”

Not only do pilots get to actually enjoy what they do, they become life-long learners with the ability to successfully face any challenges life brings. While pilots are required to know the rules and regulations of the industry, and are always learning the latest technologies and techniques, they also challenge themselves daily as they take on the ever-changing conditions in the sky.

Are you Ready to Fly?

If you are ready to experience the benefits of being an airline pilot, Airlink Flight School is ready to help, providing the necessary training to fulfill your dreams! Call today.