The Facts About Getting A Pilot’s License

The Facts About Getting A Pilot’s License

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Whether you have just begun to think about getting your pilot’s license or you have decided to fulfill your lifelong dream of flying, there are some facts you should know about earning your pilot’s license. The first option to consider is why are you going for a pilot’s license – do you want to become a commercial pilot or do you simply want to fly as a recreational pilot? Either way, the starting point is quite similar, and here, the professionals at AirLink Flight School provide you with the basic information you need to get started.

Private Pilot Certificates

There are four class ratings for private pilot certificates which include single engine land airplane, multi-engine land airplane, single engine sea plane, and multi-engine sea airplane. Learning to fly in the United States is considered the best flight school instruction. Why? The United States offer the single largest, most diverse aviation community with more than 220,000 active aircraft – including general aviation airplanes as well as amateur aircraft and turbo-jets. In addition, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) make the country the safest in the world for flying.

The Time Required for Flight School

On average, pilots require approximately 60 hours of training to graduate and earn a private pilot certification from flight school. The total time for completion of flight school training is dependent on your schedule and may take only a few weeks up to two years. Of course, being a pilot requires a lifetime of learning, including earning instrument ratings which free you from restrictions placed on when you may fly.

More Than a Job

Did you know that only around six percent of the individuals in the world have been on an airplane? It’s true which means that only a fraction of that six percent know how to fly. Learning to fly is a career goal that has nearly a 100 percent success rate. Pilots also have a unique perspective – becoming a pilot is more than a career – it is a lifestyle which allows the pilot to travel the world. As the world advances, evolving forward, the demand for pilots continues to increase. 

Learn to Fly with AirLink Flight School on Florida’s Space Coast

Are you ready to start your new life with flight school? AirLink Flight School on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast is ready to jumpstart your career as a pilot. Why AirLink Flight School?  At AirLink Flight School you will find experienced, dedicated instructors who promise to deliver the best aviation education in the world. At AirLink, you will gain access to the latest technology, with opportunities to learn in conventional steam gauge aircraft and G1000 Glass Cockpit aircraft. Plus, AirLink offers a personalized training program catered to you and your schedule, providing the individual instruction you need at a pace comfortable for you.

The opening of AirLink Flight School marked the second location for the prestigious school (the original location is in Maine). The latest location boasts the most flyable days in the country. Of course, year round flight training is available, in both locations, giving students opportunities to fly in all kinds of weather and a variety of conditions. On top of that, Florida’s Space Coast promises a vibrant student social life that includes a busy downtown scene as well as a laid back beach lifestyle.  Plus, Florida’s Space Coast offers a tropical climate with warm weather year round, making it the perfect place to live while you earn your pilot’s certificate. And if that isn’t enough, AirLink Flight School welcomes transfer students at both locations – Florida and Maine. Call today and get your new career started!