Tips On Cracking Airline Interviews

Tips On Cracking Airline Interviews

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So, you have just graduated from flight school and have begun your hunt for a job with various commercial airlines. Now, you might think that because you have the qualifications, a job should not be difficult to come by. Unfortunately, as with any other career, a great job opportunity is not going to be given to you. 

If you want to be competitive with other candidates who are applying for the same positions, you must prepare yourself for your airline interview and make the best impression you can to secure a position with them. Here are some tips and questions to consider to help you crack your upcoming airline interview.

Why Our Airline?

This is a spin on the common “why did you pick us?” type of question which gets asked universally in every industry. Although deceptively simple, you still need to answer this question in a meaningful way to convince them to hire you. The best thing you can do to prepare is to do your homework and learn as much as you can about the airline and its values and demonstrate your understanding of who they are. You could also share personal anecdotes, if you have any, about memorable or fun experiences you may have had with them as a passenger as a reason for wanting to apply for a job with them.

What Makes You A Good Pilot?

With questions like this, you must exude confidence as you do not want to show any doubt in your capabilities, making them doubt your readiness. Share your training and flight experience with them in detail as you convince them you have the skillset and discipline to pilot a commercial airliner. As you will be responsible for the lives of everyone aboard your aircraft, it is important to show your dedication to safety and excellence!

What Will You Do If You See A Storm In Front Of You?

Although commercial airline routes have navigators meticulously planning them out to have the smoothest and safest passage possible, unexpected weather conditions and complications can occur that you will have to deal with. In such cases, how would you handle the situation? Do you press ahead with the planned route, or do you disable autopilot and take manual control of the aircraft, guiding it through safer skies while communicating with navigators on the ground? You must have an answer for when complications occur and show hiring managers you do not take such circumstances lightly.

What Do You Do If You Are Behind Schedule But Your Crew Is Struggling With Luggage? 

What happens when you know you are behind schedule and your crew has not finished loading up all the luggage? Do you go out to help them, or do you stay in your cabin and continue preparing for departure? As a pilot, your top priority should be ensuring the safety of the aircraft and its passengers. While you should assist your crew if you can, you must first ensure the safety checks are complete before assisting with anything else.

How Will You Handle Being Away From Home Days Or Weeks At A Time?

You might be so focused on demonstrating your piloting skills and commitment to safety measures that you may forget entirely about the lifestyle of pilots who are often away from home for days or weeks. If you do not have an answer to this question, they may think you are unfit for this lifestyle and pass you over in favor of someone who is better suited to life as a pilot. For the best odds of making a good impression, be sure to think about how you will maintain your household as you travel across the world!

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