What to Know Before Becoming a Pilot

What to Know Before Becoming a Pilot

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If the thought of becoming a pilot has always excited you, then you’re a perfect candidate. But there’s more to that than being an enthusiast. Becoming a pilot of a commercial airline is quite rewarding. As a career on its own, it’s very lucrative. Also, it’s an opportunity to tour the world. 

Becoming a pilot isn’t that simple. There are intricate steps to take before qualifying to take this job. In this text let’s look at key things to know before becoming a pilot. They’ll guide you if you’ve decided to pursue aviation as a career. Let’s begin:

Training is Mandatory

Like any other field, becoming a pilot starts with training. And through training, there is a range of vital certificates you need to acquire. Therefore, you need to invest your time in learning and passing your courses to earn these certificates. 

Most importantly, you need a pilot’s license before you begin flying private or commercial aircraft. To become a pilot in the airline industry, you’ll need a commercial license. 

Understand the Law

In the US, the FAA is the main regulatory body for the aviation industry. And their laws may differ from that of other regions or countries. Thus, it’s important to master the regulations specific to the country you are training in.

Fast Thinker 

Intuition plays an important role when you’re a pilot. As much as the start of your journey was okay, the situation can shift instantly from good to worse. Therefore, you need to be a fast thinker when it comes to problem-solving. You must be able to come up with a plan instantly or even shift to another when the situation demands so. Since there’s no alternative for good problem-solving skills, this character can make or disqualify you as a pilot.

Health Requirements

Do you need perfect eyesight to become a pilot? Well, that’s usually a myth, but even so, there are health requirements you must fulfill. Since it is stressful to fly a commercial aircraft, you need to be in good physical health. Thus, you must go for a health checkup to confirm if you’re in great shape to become a pilot. 

Certification Process 

Before earning your certificate that qualifies you as a pilot for commercial airlines, you must have at least 250 hours. Also, the type of plane you want to fly dictates the level of training you need. For example, the more engines on a plane the more training it requires. Also, the capacity of the plane can dictate the level of training you must attain. 

The more certification you garner for the various levels of training will also earn you more money. Generally, your compensation will be higher than that of pilots with few certifications or levels of training.  

That said, every class of airplane earns you different ratings. Besides being a commercial or private pilot, you can also become a flight instructor. Other careers you can pursue include banner towing, agricultural pilot, or corporate pilot. 

Final Take 

Becoming a pilot is not a journey you walk alone. That’s why Airlink Flight School is ready to help you in taking this career path. With their sophisticated flight training facilities, experienced trainers, and vast range of aircraft, you’ll be sure to accomplish your dream. Reach out and enroll with Airlink Flight School today.