Why Florida is the Best State to Consider Flight Lessons

Why Florida is the Best State to Consider Flight Lessons

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For you to become a pilot, entails gaining flying hours that provide real-life experience. At least forty hours of flying time is required for you to become a private pilot, half of which must be with an instructor on board. This means choosing an aviation school with great airfields and great instructors. The reason why most people are so obsessed with Florida as an aviation destination is simple: just like California is to movies, Florida is to aviation. Below are some of the factors that make Florida the go-to place for flight lessons.

Plenty of Airports

Being a hub for flight lessons makes Florida the land of airports. With lots of alternate airports dotting the surroundings, students tend to feel more at ease and secure when flying around the state. This is because it offers you more options for landing at other airports. And the great news is that many of these airports have different runway lengths, instrumentation requirements, and traffic control techniques. The hidden benefit of all of these activities is that students acquire valuable experience training to fly from various types of airspaces.

Great Weather

With over two hundred and thirty sunny days, on average, each year, it’s no secret that Florida has great weather. Its favorable climate not only makes it popular among vacationers but also among those who have a passion for aviation. With an average temperature of more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit all year, there is little difference between winter and summer flights. It is clear to say that the state offers about 360 clear flying days per year, which is ideal for any flight training.

Flat Terrains

Most people would consider Florida for its great weather, but its topography is also fantastic for flight training. It has lots of flat open land that allows focusing on learning to fly and the necessary maneuvers instead of potentially rising terrain. The state’s relatively low elevations also serve as a safety barrier; as even low-powered aircraft operate at ideal altitudes for optimal power. This is in stark contrast to some parts of the United States, where certain aircraft may be unable to take off due to high airport elevation.

The Scenery

One of the best thing about flying in Florida is the gorgeous views from high up. Florida has some of most beautiful sceneries to beat. From Disney World, to scenic beaches, the state has been a tourist attraction for decades. It’s also worth noting that the state of Florida has a lot of lakes and open land. Flying above any point in Florida, you are almost certainly not far from a large water body. Enrolling in Florida flight schools allows to enjoy this beautiful views.

Lots of Aviation School

Another reason why Florida is an excellent place to train to fly is the abundance of flight schools. The secret is out, and countless numbers of flight schools operate, training thousands of students how to fly. This creates a large pilot population with plenty of opportunities to socialize and network with like-minded individuals.


Florida should be at the top of the list when researching the best aviation schools. AirLink Flight School have all the desired features to provide you with an extensive educational experience, teaching you every step required for flying. We have a wide range of aircraft that can make you eligible for employment opportunities. Our instructors have thousands of hours of experience flying for the airline as well as corporations. Simply put, if you are thinking about an aviation career or just taking some flight lessons in Florida, AirLink Flight School is the best place to go.