Why You Should Become a Pilot in 2022

Why You Should Become a Pilot in 2022

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The aviation industry is now facing the worst crisis in history and everything seems to be on hold. With thousands of permanent layoffs when it comes to pilots, many people are mourning the loss of their dream careers. And those looking for pilot jobs fear they may never get an employment opportunity. But why should you take a shot at being a pilot now even with all these daring warnings? Let’s find out:

Should You Become a Pilot in 2022?

Yes, now is the best time to become a pilot. Not necessarily an actual pilot but a trainee in the path to being a pilot in the next few years. Yes, at a glimpse, this seems counterintuitive considering the aviation industry is in a crisis with no jobs for pilots. But your training will be a preparation for a brighter future. To be precise, it has to do with positive projections on the job market in the aviation industry.

On average you will spend about 2 years in pilot training and time building. A year on Ab initio pilot training with a private airline follows. During this phase of training, you’ll be developing experience as you prepare to get into the job market. And thereafter, you’ll spend another year as a first-tier pilot, convalidation, or as a Certified Flight Instructor. 

That means you should consider the state of the pilot job market two years from now. Further, we are all in agreement that pre-COVID, there was a pilot shortage. And the major drivers were:

  •     Industry growth
  •     Retirement of pilots 

The Start and End of Pilot Job Crises

April 2022 marks the start of job crises in the aviation industry. It was a time when the pandemic hit the entire industry significantly. But, according to reliable projections, it will take about 2 years for this industry to get back on its feet. Therefore, in 2022, the aviation industry is expected to recover to its initial state before April 2020. That means full employment to all pilots including those that were furloughed. 

The temporary laying off of pilots on duty resulted in a short-term surplus. With the increase in pilot retirement in the last couple of years, vacancies are bound to be more this year. For instance, the American airline has about 700 flight captains who will be taking early retirement. Because of this, a pilot shortage crisis is expected in the next couple of years unless new pilots begin training. 

Please Note

To qualify for an airline job, you’ll need about two to three years of training as a starter pilot. Not to mention, you still need to build on experience and meet the minimum flight hours. And if you can review the rate of domestic travel, you’ll realize it’s stable and gradually growing. Furthermore, international flights are also opening up. And these are signals that the situation is gradually going back to normal in the aviation industry. 

Final Take 

With time, the industry will restore its former glory in the new normal. And that’s why now the best time to join the flight training program is. ‘Cause, there’s a brighter future in the next couple of years. So, if you have a dream or desire to become a pilot you have the right credentials, contact Airlink Flight School. 

Through their modern technology, you’ll have a competitive advantage over other pilots in the job market. Further, they have the most dedicated flight instructors to ensure you master the knowledge, skills, and experience as a pilot. Lastly, they focus on individual students to ensure no one is left behind during the training. So, rest assured this will be an investment with the highest possibility of success.