Commercial Pilot Program

141 Flight Training Available at Waterville & Grant-Valkaria Only

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The Professional Pilot Program is for students aspiring to become Airline Pilots or Commercial Pilots. Students earn their Private Pilot’s license, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot’s license for Single and Multi-Engine Airplane. This course includes Flight and Ground Lessons, the FAA knowledge test, study materials and all FAA checkrides. (Note: The multi-engine rating is completed under FAR Part 61)

About Our Program

Why Accelerated?

Our Accelerated Flight Training program is used by Flight Schools and Airlines around the world to train pilot candidates for flight crew positions. Combining structured procedures with one- on one personalized learning, we have trained students without prior experience in 13 days to become a Private Pilot. Your training will be fast- paced but structured and at any time you will know where you are in your training. We have developed a training program to get your Commercial Pilot’s License in 12 months or less. Accelerated Flight Training will save you time and money.

Where Do We Train?

Training for our Part 141 Flight School is held at Waterville Airport in Maine, where you don’t wait in line for take- off, yet you are able to experience the high-density airspace of Boston and New York. During your course of training, you will even fly as far South as Miami, Florida. This kind of experience will shape your piloting skills for the future. With Airlink you will train in real weather conditions and in a fun personalized training environment. We are pending approval for our Part 141 program at our Florida location in Melbourne, Florida.

How Does It Work?

During the Commercial Pilot training, you will live, breathe and think aviation. You will follow our structured course syllabus, which outlines every flight lesson. One of our instructors will track your progress and be there to answer any questions you have. You will fly 4- 5 times a week, sometimes twice a day. If you don’t fly, you will be in the simulator or classroom- preparing for your next flight or studying for the practical test. Once you submit the Enrollment Form and the $250 application fee, we will review your application and confirm your admittance within 7 days. You will receive our latest school catalog which includes information about the Commercial Pilot Program, information about the area, hotels and attractions. This package also includes FAA knowledge test books and study materials. The above training is referenced to Part 141 to be completed in the minimum amount of flight hours (200 hours). Additional training may be necessary. Commercial Pilot Training under Part 61 requires a minimum of 250 hours total flight time.

Course Information

We recommend contacting your nearest location to discuss the fees for this particular program. To see our locations please CLICK HERE. Please be aware that our Brunswick, Maine location does not offer Part 141 training. Our Grant-Valkaria Florida and Waterville Mains locations both offer Part 141 training.